Pupillograph F2D2

Objectiv measurement of Impairment and Sleepiness

F2D2 Brille

Biomarker for sleepiness, impairment and drugs
User friendly and rapid

The F2D2 Device is an innovative new analyzer for pupil dynamics and allows noninvasively assessing the level of a person´s vigilance, impairment or fitness. The dynamic behavior of the pupil is controlled by the autonomous nerve system and its state of activation. The autonomous nerve system however is the main target for psychotropic substances, sleep deprivation or fatigue.

F2D2 Advantages

The F2D2 is a light weight, robust and user friendly device. It can be operated with minimal training at the roadside or in the field. Impairment testing is completed in less than one minute. The analysis of sleepiness requires recording pupil behavior for 6 to 11 minutes.


F2D2 is recording the diameter of the human pupil with an infrared camera integrated into a pair of convenient and light weight glasses. The glasses also establish standardized light conditions for the test person and simplify fixation by a weak read light. If needed noise cancelling earphones may be used. A dedicated software tool is continuously analyzing diameter changes of the pupil with a frequency of 25 measurements per second. F2D2 comes with the software preinstalled on a notebook computer.

Impairment Testing

Testing impairment of a person is based on the analysis of the Pupillary Light Reflex. The PLR is triggered by an internal light stimulus and recorded by the integrated infrared camera. The most specific parameter for impairment caused by psychoactive substances is the relative constriction of the pupil diameter.

Furthermore we recommend evaluating the pupil diameter under controlled light conditions, e.g. ambient room light.

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F2D2 Brille

F2D2 Notebook

F2D2 Koffer

Analysis of Sleepiness

To measure sleepiness spontaneous and involuntary fluctuations of the pupil diameter are recorded in the darkness over a minimum period of 6 minutes. The fluctuation pattern is named Pupillary Unrest (PU) and is a highly sensitive marker for a person´s sleepiness.

Applications One main areas of application for the F2D2 Device is testing drivers for impairment caused by psychoactice substances. This is important in roadside testing scenarios where new psychoactive substances (Legal Highs) or prescription drugs are ingested to escape classical drug testing strategies. In these situations the evaluation of impairment is the only way left to enforce road safety.

Impairment testing is also helpful to objectively assess work fitness of employees at high risk work places and directly supports Workplace Safety. The second main target application of the F2D2 is the evaluation of a person´s level of sleepiness. The F2D2 is widely used to diagnose and treat sleep disorders in medical disciplines. In workplace and road safety scenarios the F2D2 is helpful to assess sleepiness or fatigue, e.g. in professional drivers or workers in risk sensitive positions.

Main Components:

  • Dimmable glasses with integrated infrared camera, fixation support and flash light optimized for PLR
  • Notebook computer with dedicated software package to measure PLR and PUI
  • Robust transport case, additional accessories

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The simplest way
to measure sleepines.

F2D2 specifications

  • Infrared goggles
  • Recording time up to 11 minutes
  • Sampling frequency 25 Hz
  • Spatial resolution 0,05 mm
  • Integrated patient data base
  • Standardized questionnaire
  • Comfortable import/export of data
  • Built-in backup
  • Stand-alone operation
  • Data in ASCII format
  • Windows® 7